Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

By recycling a school’s furnishings and supplies, we give many less fortunate students opportunities to become the future leaders of our society.

Are you ready to start helping your school or another school by receiving or giving goods? Get started now!


Students Helping Students is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to improve educational equity. This is accomplished through the reallocation of school supplies and furnishings from wealthy to low-income educational institutions.

Helping Students Since 2005

Since 2005 Students Helping Students has been working to provide supplies and resources for needy schools and communities. Beginning in the winter of 2005, Students Helping Students sent supplies to the Superintendent of the St. John the Baptist Parish Public Schools in Reserve, Louisiana, which had 1,500 displaced students due to Hurricane Katrina.


So far, SHS has recycled supplies from better-off to needier schools in North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana and Pennsylvania, and looks to expand further with your support.

Get Involved

Becoming part of an effective movement to improve the overall quality of our educational system is something you may or may not have had the opportunity to do. Now, with Students Helping Students, anyone with an interest in Education can play a proactive role in our fight for an improved learning environment for all students.

Make a Cash Donation

A donation to the Students Helping Students effort will help further our goal to help bridge the educational gap in K-12 schools by providing needy schools with the school supplies and resources that they need and redistributing the gently-used and unwanted supplies other schools no longer need.

Register a Club

If you are a member of a k-12 educational institution; i.e. a student, teacher, faculty member, administrator, or just a member of the community and are interested in forming a SHS club within your district, please fill out and submit the following Registration Form.


Each Students Helping Students Club will be required to host its own blog, submitting at least one post per month during the school year that describes the goals for the club, how those goals are being achieved, what obstacles are encountered and how they are overcome, who is involved, and ideas for improvement.

The purpose of these blogs is to give the outside viewer the opportunity to not only see how great the need truly is for some of these schools, but also how Students Helping Students is trying to fulfill that need.