Great Valley High School

Our Mission:

The mission of the Great Valley SHS High School Club is:

1.To fulfill the ‘Needs Assessment Survey’ provided by our partner school, South Philadelphia High School, through the redistribution of gently-used, unwanted, and/or surplus materials within our school and school district. We also acquire materials by implementing a community/school-wide collection drive.

The materials that we look to redistribute/raise include: Binders, Colored Markers, Colored Pencils, Computer Paper, Folders, Ink for a printer(s), Notebooks, Pencil Sharpener(s), Pens, Pencils, Rolls of Tape, Tape Dispenser(s), Stapler(s), Boxes of Staples, Subject Dividers, LCD Projectors, Rulers, Scissors, Printers, Desk Organizers, Crayons, Backpacks, Calculators, White Boards, Glue, etc.

We also redistribute library, reference, and textbooks.

2. To participate in volunteer opportunities that are needed within needy schools. Such opportunities may include; tutoring, assisting in the organization of a college fair, SAT/ACT Prep, etc.

3.To collaborate with our partner school in an effort to help in the identification of a particular problem within their school, as well as creating a proposition of how to solve it.

Amount of Materials Distributed: (this year)


Number of Volunteer Hours Completed: (this year)


Our Accomplishments:

Great Valley High School – Spring, October and December 2016 – Post by Club President: Sadie Buzan

In the spring of 2016, the GVHS SHS Club held a very successful drive for basic supplies, including: backpacks, binders, spiral notebooks, pocket folders, scissors, pencils, markers, pencil sharpeners, pens, highlighters, markers, report covers, etc. These supplies were delivered to the James G. Blaine (K-8) School and South Philadelphia High School.

In October, a group of 19 Students Helping Students members from Great Valley High School volunteered their time to help students at the Overbrook Educational Center. While there, they helped the 8th graders revise essays that were necessary to apply to high school. In addition to this, they held discussions with the 7th graders during which they talked about high school activities, classes, and answered any questions the students had for them. The high school students enjoyed meeting with the Overbrook students, and look forward to another visit!

On December 14th, the Great Valley High School Students Helping Students club members volunteered at the Edward T. Steel (K-8)  School in Philadelphia. While there, they helped out in the classroom, at recess, with lunch, and also helped set up for a holiday party.  The GVHS SHS club also delivered Pre-Algebra textbooks that had been donated by Great Valley High School.


Great Valley High School – January 8, 2015 – Post by Club President: Nick Chawaga

Supply Drive Date: January 8, 2015

We organized and ran a successful supply drive for our high school. Our club successfully advertised this drive throughout the whole

high school and held a homeroom competition to see which room could collect the most supplies. We collected about five full boxes

of supplies which were donated to South Philadelphia High School. The boxes included many basic necessities to class such as paper,

pencils, notebooks, binders and more. Some of these items will be sold to the students in a school store for a very cheap price. All of

these profits from the store will then be put back in to getting better supplies. Also, our club delivered graphing calculators which will

help SPHS’s math department.

The items include: 5 packs binder clips, 3 tissue boxes, 14 pencil boxes, 17 spiral notebooks, 6 packs of notecards, 5 binders, 2 sheet

protector packs (100 ea), 3 packs of pens, 3 Eraser packs, 1 box of miscellaneous, books, Hanging folders, White board cleaner, Hole

reinforcements, Rubber bands Printer paper, Paper clips, and pens.

Great Valley High School – November 17th, 2015 – Post by Club President: Nick Chawaga

On November 17, 2015, we travelled to South Philadelphia High School to participate in a College Fair that Ms. Emily Goodman, the school’s Guidance Counselor, had organized.

We were provided with the opportunity to staff a table at the College Fair for the purpose helping students get started on their college applications. Ms. Goodman stressed to us that there is a gap in the understanding of how to navigate the college process at South Philadelphia High School and that any assistance with this would be great.

We are happy to say that we believe we were able to guide a number of students in the right direction toward beginning their college application process.

Great Valley High School – November 17th, 2015 – Post by Club President: Nick Chawaga

On November 17th, GVHS took 8 of their club members to South Philadelphia High School.  This was the first trip GVHS made to South Philadelphia and it was a great success.  Their school held a college fair event, and members from GVHS brought laptops in order to assist their students.  The club was able to help SPHS students create Naviance and Common App accounts, as well as register students for standardized testing.  The event was very busy and all of the club members at GVHS found the day to be very impactful.  Additionally, some members from South Philadelphia were able to show our club some interesting classes and projects they have been working on.  For example, South Philadelphia student, Casey Williams, showed us the house he and his fellow classmates were building as part of their yearly project.




Great Valley High School – October 20, 2015 – Post by Club President: Nick Chawaga

On October 20th Great Valley High School reunited for their first meeting of the year. Our club had nearly 15 members attend. As we discussed the background of the organization and goals for the school year, many students expressed interest. We are proud to announce that our club will now be partnered with South Philadelphia High School!

In order to help expedite learning efficiency in their classroom, our club has brainstormed ideas. Most importantly, we will focus on a school supplies drive for basic necessities and books. Next, we will focus on more innovative ways to help their school. As the school year progresses, we plan on helping their students through the use of fundraisers, tutoring sessions, promotions and more.