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Great Valley High School – November 17th, 2015 – Post by Club President: Nick Chawaga

On November 17th, GVHS took 8 of their club members to South Philadelphia High School.  This was the first trip GVHS made to South Philadelphia and it was a great success.  Their school held a college fair event, and members from GVHS brought laptops in order to assist their students.  The club was able to help SPHS students create Naviance and Common App accounts, as well as register students for standardized testing.  The event was very busy and all of the club members at GVHS found the day to be very impactful.  Additionally, some members from South Philadelphia were able to show our club some interesting classes and projects they have been working on.  For example, South Philadelphia student, Casey Williams, showed us the house he and his fellow classmates were building as part of their yearly project.