How does it work?

By recycling furnishings and supplies, we give many less fortunate students opportunities to become the future leaders of our society.

High School Club Initiative

Start a Club

Student Clubs

SHS establishes student-run clubs in both affluent and low-income educational institutions. Both clubs take action to assess each others specific educational needs. 


School Supplies

Well-off schools are responsible for collecting unwanted and gently-used supplies and furnishings, and then storing and delivering the materials to designated low-income schools.


Everyone Wins

SHS creates a unique opportunity for high school students to make an impact on other students’ lives. By recycling gently-used educational materials and books, our students learn to help the environment and each other at the same time. 

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Corporate Distribution Initiative

Turning Corporate Waste Into Opportunity

The epidemic of “corporate material waste” is rampant across our entire country, reaching both the private and public sectors. The purpose of this initiative is to distribute all unwanted and gently-used materials from designated corporations experiencing a relocation and/or renovation period to local low-income K-12 educational institutions in need.

We believe that large corporations and institutions as well as many public and municipal organizations are wasting an extraordinary amount of usable materials. We set out to find out why and along the way, discovered that most of these entities are interested in recycling and reusing their unwanted and old stuff. Where is the disconnect? Simply put, there is not an efficient system in place for large organizations to redistribute unwanted materials to schools and other institutions in need. So we created one – The Corporate Distrubution Initiative.

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University Distribution Initiative

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One of the most significant problems confronting low-income K-12 schools nationwide is the reduction or elimination of programs due to budget cutbacks. Such programs include sports, languages, AP, theatre, music, etc.  

We must restore some of the programs they have been forced to eliminate. In particular, the University Distribution Initiative is designed to provide much-needed aid to sports programs in K-12 schools in the vicinity of the participating University.

School Funding Initiative

The School Funding Initiative gives teachers and faculty members at low-income schools an opportunity to receive additional funding.

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